[Frage] Three JS Integration on Typ03 Site TYPO3-Version: 9.5.9

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    11. 03. 2020, 14:52

    I am not familiar with Typ03 development at all so I hope I can have some assistance here.

    I have proposed to my website development team that we integrate a ThreeJS script into our website that creates a 3D interactable model. The script is designed so that it appears within a canvas on the page.

    They have told me that they are unable to integrate it in the page because there is not a widget available that can contain the script.

    Is there anyone else here who has successfully integrated a ThreeJS script into their Typ03 website that could provide some insight into how I could get this working?

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  • Teisinger Teisinger
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    15. 03. 2020, 15:19

    I don't know ThreeJS and I don't know exactly what you want to include. But ThreeJS is only a framework, why you should not be able to integrate it into a TYPO3 website is beyond me.

    From what you are telling me:
    Recommendation change the development team...

    But I think there's more to what you want, you should tell us more about it - before we can help you.
    Also, it's always good to write which TYPO3 version you use etc.


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