[Frage] Collaborating on a typo3 project TYPO3-Version: 9.5.3

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    19. 02. 2019, 08:37

    Hi, first of all, I know this is a german forum but I couldn't find a decent english alternative, I'm sorry, if this is not allowed please let me know.

    I am a front end developer and I recently started working in a new workplace. In my old team we used Django and Django CMS and every team member had his own installation of each project locally, using git to share the work. To handle the different dependencies we used virtual machines.

    Where I'm working right now, instead, they have one installation of the project on the server and everyone works on it, which creates great risks of overriding each other's work. We're trying to figure out a way to collaborate properly but the back-enders don't seem to like my proposal of working locally with git, and I can't convince them since I'm a typo3 beginner and don't really know what I'm talking about, I just know that right now it's a mess. So my question is:
    Is there a standard way of collaborating on typo3 projects? Any best practice? How would you go forward on this?

    Thank you for your time


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    19. 02. 2019, 15:23

    Hey ED,
    do you work with user righty in TYPO3? You can allocate backend permissions! Are you searching for this?

    Or is it the case that both of you work at the same time on a same page or project or whatever and you get in conflict when you safe it and after a time the other one safe his or her state of things and overwrites your results?

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