[Frage] Eigene Extension mithilfe des Extensionbuilder bearbeiten TYPO3-Version: 6.1.7

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    11. 02. 2014, 23:23

    folgendes Problem,
    ich habe eine eigene Extension mithilfe des ExtensionBuilders in der Typo Version 4.7 gestartet.
    Inzwischen bin ich auf die Typo Version 6.1.7 umgestiegen, würde dort auch gerne meine eigene Extension weiterentwickeln.
    Wenn ich den Extension Builder aufrufe, wird mir leider meine "alte" eigene Extension nicht dargestellt.
    In der Typo3 Version 4.7 geht das allerdings schon.

    Da hat sich doch irgendwas geändert?
    Kann ich manuell meine Extension anpassen, so dass Sie wieder vom Extension Builder in der VErsion 6.1.7 geladen werden kann????

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    12. 02. 2014, 10:12

    Vergleich mal die Konfigurationsdateien vom Extension Builder unter TYPO3 6 und TYPO3 4 und vielleicht findest Du dann die Unterschiede, die Du vielleicht aufrüsten kannst.

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    02. 03. 2014, 13:58

    habs was gefunden....kann jemand mir das vielleicht erklären?!?

    Migrate from non-namespaced classes to namespaced classes (i.e. from 4.7. to > 6.0)

    If you created extensions with the ExtensionBuilder in 4.7 the created classes follow the non namespaced naming scheme. Since TYPO3 version 6.0 we use namespaced classes. The ExtensionBuilder since version 2.5 also creates namespaced classes. If you try to open an extension created with a version < 2.5 in the current version of the ExtensionBuilder, you will not find it in the load panel anymore. The reason is, that an automated migration is not (yet?) implemented. So a domain model class named Tx_MyExtension_Domain_Model_Foo is not renamed and only namespaced classes are detected by the RoundtripService. To avoid overwriting/destroying of you classes, all extensions created with a lower version than 2.5 will not be listed anymore.

    You can migrate manually by following these steps:

    -Make a backup or use a versioning software like git
    -Rename all classes using a freely chosen Vendor name (your IDE should do that easily for you)
    -Make sure all references to the old class names are replaced (like in typehints etc.)
    -Edit the file ExtensionBuilder.json (which is a one line json notation) and search for "extension_builder_version".
    -Replace the value 2.4.x with the current version of the ExtensionBuilder 2.5.x or whatever version you loaded
    -Open your extension in the modeler (it should be listed again after the last step)
    -Open the left panel and enter the vendor name used in step 2
    -Save the extension again

    That's it!


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