27. 09. 2013, 10:03

Hallo alle typo3 Nutzer.

Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut, so hoffe es ist okay, ich verpflichte mich, auf Englisch.

I'm new to TYPO3, but can see alot of great things about it, i'm running a TYPO3 6.1 site with Fluid and Extbase.

I have a page under "list"->"main page" i have the Template Section.
Here i have a TS-page called "soccerdrill" my TS-page have this code.

  1. lib.drilllist = CONTENT
  2. lib.drilllist {
  3. table = tx_drills_domain_model_drillcategory
  4. # pidInList = 18
  5. selectFields = categorytitle
  6. #join =
  7. #leftjoin =
  8. where = hidden = 0
  9. #andWhere =
  10. orderBy = categorytitle ASC
  11. }
  13. renderObj = TEXT
  14. renderObj.field = categorytitle
  15. renderObj.wrap = |<br />
  17. }

Some place i have the mainTemplate, under "Includes" i have added "soccerdrill" to "include basic templates" and i have then under "Page" selected a page i what to get the DB content displayed added this to my layout, inside the HTML editor.
<f:cObject typoscriptObjectPath="lib.drilllist" />

I get the "midt" displayed on the live page, but im not getting any data from the DB, Why...?

If i run this code inside my mySQL Admin, i get the records, that i needed, so I think i'm doing something wrong in the TYPO3

[code]SELECT `categorytitle`
FROM `tx_drills_domain_model_drillcategory`
WHERE `hidden` =0
ORDER BY `categorytitle` ASC
LIMIT 0 , 30

Hope someone can guide me...